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Lina Khalifeh's Interview with ESPN
Lina Khalifeh's Interview at Entrepreneur Magazine
Lina Khalifeh's Interview with UFC
Lina Khalifeh's Interview with Forbes
Lina Khalifeh's Interview with Vogue
Lina Khalifeh's Interview with Vanity Fair
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Hillary Clinton

Lina Khalifeh a fighter from Amman who is giving women the strength to defend themselves from domestic violence

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Emma Watson

Everyone has to do Lina's Self-Defense class, Male or Female doesn't matter.

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President Barack Obama

Lina is a Leader of Social Change.

After seeing one of her close friend's abused Lina said thats enough, she had a back ground in Martial arts so she started SheFighter.


Lina Khalifeh is a Global Inspirational and Humanitarian Speaker who spoke in 150+ global Conferences.


She is the Founder of SheFighter "1st Self-defence studio for women" & author of SheFighter Book focusing on Diversity, Gender Equality, Entrepreneurship and scaling businesses (From Local to Global)

Some of many Conferences Lina was invited to speak at:

The Business of Fashion Summit 2019,The Economic World Forum 2019 ,
Women in the World Summit 2019,

Dragon Fly 2019 Thailand,

European Development Summit 2018

European Parliament 2015,

One Young World 2016, 

Concordia Summit (Virtual) 2020

Los Angeles Tribunate (Virtual) 2020

BMO Bank (Virtual) 2020



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SheFighter Book

Get your own copy of this highly-inspiring acclaimed book –


‘Shefighter: From Troublemaker to Global Changemaker’ and learn how Lina Khalifeh, founder of Shefighter faced constant bullying and putdowns along with being confronted with social gender discrimination….until she made a decision. 

She decided to take her power back. Her life has changed enormously since then. 

And let’s be honest – don’t you want to be on the leading edge?  …. to be the best kind of troublemaker?  As well as a high-achieving influencer?  This book is an inspiration to all women – whether teen-agers or seniors.  


Click here to purchase……

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